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Kimberly Kempke, a concerned resident from Anderson Township in Cincinnati, Ohio, is convinced the sounds she heard earlier this week were more than fireworks. 

And video footage captured by local resident Steve Hart shows the moment this bizarre event struck their community. 

While you cannot hear the loud bang from the CCTV recording, it does show a flash of light filling the sky. 

Another angle shows the man's son reacting to the moment the event occurred.

Kimberly, who has shared the clips on two local Facebook pages, was left bemused by the whole thing.

She said: "The sounds were like true booms. They sounded like a powerful explosion.

“It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen or felt before and I’ve been very up close with fireworks many times."

Since the footage gained popularity online, it has also received interest from conspiracy theorists.

Nothing to see or hear here. Move on. To read more, and view the video, click here.

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