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A mysterious creature in Montana has left many wildlife officials mystified. Over the past several weeks, photos of the animal made headlines internationally as many were left scratching their heads and giving their best guess on what it could be.

After being killed by a rancher near Denton, initial reports called the animal a wolf. However, Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ wolf specialists all agreed that the animal was not a purebred wolf.

People on social media have described it from everything as a werewolf, wolf-dog hybrid to a chupacabra, prompting the latest case of mythology and fantasy coming to life.

The body was sent to a department lab but last Friday, officials from the lab reached out to Lab Director Ken Goddard of the National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory in Ashland, for help solving this case.

This is highly unusual. So, a state lab could not figure out what the creature is and has to send it to a Federal lab? Hhhmmmm. Could this be some kind of jurisdictional coverup? But given the amount of press this story has gotten, it will be difficult for the Feds to bury it down the memory hole. A lot of people are not just going to let this go away. The Feds will have to say something once their analysis is completed. And my sense is that whatever they do say it will not be the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Cryptids are as highly classified as UFOs.  To read more, click here.

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