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In the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant in Willow Creek, in inland Humboldt County, around sunset on an evening in late May, my husband, Joe, and I hold out our palms.I’d been told that before we embarked on a three-day expedition into the Northern California backcountry to hunt for the elusive creature known as Sasquatch, we should get a blessing from Marion McCovey, a 62-year-old Hupa tribal member from the nearby town of Hoopa whose ancestors have been telling stories of the mythical beast for centuries.

You don't hunt Sasquatch. Sasquatch hunts you. These people have no idea. It's not a game or a leisure activity. I'm surprised the Hoopa tribe is doing this. They should know better. But it's a poor tribe, so maybe they need to extra money. Sasquatch is real and probably the most dangerous predator on the planet including man. I would not want to face one with anything less than some field artillery. These people have no idea. To read more, click here.

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