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The Bigfoot phenomenon has grown to be quite a bizarre feature of the world of the weird. These massive hairy creatures have been spotted all over the world, in places where they should have no business being such as England, and in literally every U.S. state, including yes, even Hawaii. These beasts are sighted in both remote areas and even in relatively urban locales, and it has all proven to be quite a mystery as to just what is going on here. Among the various other unlikely places one would expect to find a Bigfoot is on military bases, yet there have been a surprisingly large number of reports from such locales, and here are a few.

Several encounters with large hairy hominids roaming about military installations come to us from the 1970s, with one notable and very dramatic one occurring at the Fort Lewis U.S. Army Military Installation in the state of Washington, which lies sprawled out right against a rather untamed wilderness area. In 1978 a very strange sighting was made on the base grounds by a soldier named Edwin Godoy, who at the time was on his way back from training exercises one evening along with some platoon mates. The truck allegedly suddenly and without warning sputtered to a halt at around 8 PM and could not be restarted, prompting the others to venture back to base on foot. Since Godoy had been the one to sign out the truck that day he stayed behind alone to keep an eye on the vehicle until it could be towed away in the morning.

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