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Dr. Steven Greer offered a wry smile when told he was being interviewed on World UFO Day on July 2.

“There are two things going on,” Greer said from his home in Virginia. “There is the silly season of the UFO subject -- which is 90-plus percent of it -- and there are the very important operations that are going on. The silly stuff gets all the attention because it's silly.”

Greer has said he’s been involved in the serious business of providing information about UFOs to at least two U.S. presidents since 1993.

So he had an insider’s perspective in June when President Trump announced he wanted to create a Space Force that would be a new branch of the military.

Greer said: “In a sense what he's calling for is acknowledging something that has existed in an unacknowledged special access project -- black project -- that has been operational in one form or another since the mid- to late ‘60s.”

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