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Patient Seventeen, produced by independent filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, features what some say is proof of extraterrestrial technology.

It's claim the micro object is using nanotechnology and emits a theorised but never proven electromagnetic radiation.

The production is named after the 17 reported patients helped by a Dr Roger Leir, a well-known Ufologist, who alleges he has removed “16 alien implants”.

Patient Seventeen believes he has had several experiences with intelligent lifeforms not from this planet, a claim made by more than three million Americans who suffer from what’s called “alien abduction syndrome”.

The unidentified man said he never realised that there was a tiny metal object – the size of the “end of a matchstick” – in his leg, which is suggested was secretly inserted during an ET encounter.

To read more and view the video, click here.

Category: Weird Desk