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In my recent article,”U.K. Government UFO Research: The Real Picture,” I shared the story of how the U.K.’s police – specifically Special Branch –  secretly opened, in the 1950s, a surveillance file on George King, the founder of the Aetherius Society. But who, exactly, was George King? Well, that’s the subject of today’s article. George King was born in Wellington, Shropshire, England in 1919 to parents George and Mary, and went on to become one of the most well-known of all the Contactees of the 1950s and 1960s. Even from a very young age, King was surrounded by distinct high-strangeness. His mother and grandmother both claimed to be psychics; and, in his book You Too Can Heal, King related how, at the age of eleven, and while his mother was seriously ill and confined to bed, he headed deep into the heart of nearby woods, where he prayed intently for her speedy recovery. As he did so, King said, an “angelic being” manifested before him in the ancient woodland, instructing him to return home, as his mother was now fully cured. After excitedly racing home and learning that she was indeed restored to full health, a realization came to King that his life was not at all like that of the other kids in the neighborhood.

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