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August 31, 2018  Castaic, California – John Greenewald has been producing The Black Vault.com website since 1996, a challenge he started at age 15 with the goal to file FOIA requests on UFO-related subjects and to report about whatever documents he received. Then as if following John’s lead, the FBI eventually in 2011 created their own online document archive and called it, “The Vault.” Even though the FBI Vault gives the impression that everything the FBI has on a particular person or topic is there in the digital archive — that’s not true. Even though the FBI has released hundreds of thousands of pages since 2011, last month in July 2018, John discovered that the FBI documents about cattle mutilations were not complete. So he filed a FOIA request to see what else the FBI had on the animal mutilation mystery that I have been investigating since September 1979, when I was producing the 90-minute special A STRANGE HARVEST for the CBS station in Denver. That documentary first aired on May 25, 1980 and received a Regional Emmy.

During my investigations, I had sherrifs, deputies and ranchers tell me that the mutilation perpetrators were  “creatures from outer space.” Why? Because they were seeing completely silent objects in the sky over pastures that looked like small airplanes or helicopters, that would dissolve into misty clouds. Further, ranchers reported to sheriff’s offices that beams of light were coming down from glowing objects in the night sky and some ranchers had even seen one of their cows rise in a beam of light or be lowered in a beam of light to the ground dead and bloodlessly mutilated. So who? or what? was placing those silent images of helicopters and small planes in the sky that could dissolve away in a misty cloud or patch of ionized air?

This question has come up again in a few never-seen-before animal mutilation documents dated 1979-1980 and released for the first time in July 2018 by the FBI to John Greenwald and his The Black Vault.com, the largest private citizen-run online repository of declassified government documents in the world.

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