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Amazing footage has appeared on many international websites and YouTube channels devoted to UFOlogy. A mysterious series of images demonstrates a futuristic unidentified flying object that occurred on September 29 in the skies over London.

If you study it carefully, you can see that we are talking about boomerangpoker aircraft with different electronics and a large blue flame at the metal case. Here is what the author of these mysterious photographs:

“I saw this UFO flying over my head and managed to grab my camera with a 90-fold increase, to take some pictures with an interval in fractions of a second. The object was very high and had a length of presumably (hard to say with precision) of 3 to 5 meters. He was obviously made of metal and had a pulsating blue-Board fire. “Plate” was moving incredibly fast. The word says that the area of Herne hill in South London, where I noticed this thing constantly attracts unidentified flying objects, glowing balls, all sorts of cryptids and other phenomena. You’d think we live in the midst of some kind of anomalous zone, or even a portal to another dimension. As a child, I saw various strange phenomena, which then seemed to me to be something quite ordinary, like a rainbow, for example…”

To read more and view the video, click here.

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