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For more than a year, Laura Krantz searched for Sasquatches and the people who love them. She tromped through the Pacific Northwest looking for Bigfoot nests, frequented Sasquatch-enthusiast chat rooms, and talked to scientists about how DNA testing may be able to be used to help prove — or at least explain — the hairy fella’s existence.

Krantz’s new podcast, “Wild Thing,” a nine-part series whose first episode launches today, combines on-the-forest-floor reporting with eyewitness accounts and expert testimony on the theories behind the famous, hairy biped. But “Wild Thing” isn’t just the story of her search for one of the world’s favorite mysterious creatures, it’s a look into something just as surprising: her family history.

Krantz is Bigfoot royalty.

Sasquatch Chronicles is much better, IMO. I told you that public interest in this subject was going to explode in the upcoming months. You ain't seen nuthin' yet. The PTB can't keep this under wraps much longer. They are being encountered all over the US, not just in the deep forests and mountains. What they are and where they are from are the big questions that need answering.  To read more, click here.

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