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Bob Lazar sparked an alien life frenzy in 1989, when, with the help of journalist George Knapp, he released his story to the world.

The scientific equipment supplier is responsible for bringing the secret test site Area 51 to the attention of the world. 

Bob explained how he worked at a site known as S-4 – which, he claims, is an  auxiliary facility at the secretive site.

But following his bombshell story, Bob went silent – until now.

For the past few years, he has let investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell into his home and life, to tell the full story in a documentary.

And Jeremy, who runs the website Extraordinary Beliefs, told Daily Star Online exclusively: "This is the biggest UFO story of all time.

"This will be the first time he has given his full story. 

"He blew the whistle, shocked the world, then went relatively silent, until now

"Over the years,  George Knapp would get him to talk for a couple of minutes to remind people of his story. But that’s hard to do. Bob has never liked to be in the public eye.

"In this film Bob has fully opened his life. He’s talking candidly. He has never done anything like this before."

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