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Sunday marks one year since the New York Times broke open a provocative secret when it reported about the existence of a long-term Pentagon study of UFOs – Unidentified Flying Objects.

In the 12 months since then, the I-Team has unveiled new details about the study, which was based in Las Vegas. So, what comes next? And will 2019 bring the public closer to understanding what the government already knows?

The I-Team’s George Knapp sat down for an exclusive interview with an intelligence officer who chased flying saucers for the Pentagon.

“When you say, something big is coming, what does that mean?” Asks Lue Elizondo with To The Stars Academy.
As a career intelligence officer, Elizondo learned to parse his words carefully. He spent nearly a decade managing a secret Pentagon study of encounters between U.S. military units and UAP’s, Unknown Aerial Phenomena, aka UFOs, including multiple incidents in 2015 off the coast of Florida with an object dubbed the Gimbal.

Fourteen months after leaving the Pentagon, during a visit to Las Vegas, Elizondo dropped strong hints that, behind the scenes, a new broader effort to accumulate classified UFO reports, testimony, and evidence is underway, both inside the government and outside.

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