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Kelly lake old timers may recall reports of a suspected UFO buzzing the Kelly Lake area.

There was actually a 1980 post of loud noises and UFO reports carried by the Oconto Times Herald. So while flying over the
lake  yesterday, I noticed something out of the ordinary that jarred my old timer memory. Photos and video revealed two perfectly round circles in the ice. My first thought is that some crazed snowmobile or ATV driver may have created them as a race track, but unless I’m missing something here, a perfectly round track seems unlikely. There is little evidence of any vehicular excursion in that particular area, just round and round, no figure 8. Nobody ice fishing nearby, just two oddly perfect lonely circles in the ice resembling a crop circle. Maybe just a trick of the thaw / freeze cycle. Maybe the entrance and exit of some underwater intergalactic UFO base at Kelly Lake. Very strange indeed… but there’s more…

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