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An estimated 80% of the American public believe that the US government is hiding something about aliens – be it strange visitations, crashed spaceships and charred alien cadavers, or worse.

The conduct of government agencies, and in particular their rampant abuse of FOIA exemptions on UFO research are at least partially responsible for this.


The Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, was the brainchild of John E. Moss, a 13-term Congressman from California. One of the unsung heroes of American liberty, he was a lone-crusader who fought a long war against government secrecy during the peak of Cold War.  

In a 12-year battle, he squared off against everyone, including the Washington DC bureaucrats, politicians (including from his own party) and a very reluctant White House led by Lyndon B Johnson to get the FOIA passed.

During Congressional hearings on the FOIA legislation proposed by Moss, numerous committees invited questions and suggestions from the US public. UFOs, and especially a specific US government study on the topic, called Project Blue Book, came up repeatedly in these hearings. So we can say that in a way, Ufology also contributed to the FOIA.

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