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Witnesses describe it being covered in orange brownish hair and having a roar like a lion and a bear rolled into one.

Dean Harrison, from Australian Yowie Research, said he has first-hand experience of the beast and has received hundreds of reports of the animal from all over Australia.

Over more than two decades Dean, 49, has gathered footprints and other evidence of the Yowie, together with first hand witness sightings which all seem to match in their description of the elusive bush animal.

In just the past few days a woman reported to Dean of being physically struck in the back and pushed by a Yowie down a hill.

Woman from Cairns, Queensland, Australia, claims an absolutely human like beast shoved her after she "surprised" it while out on a bush walk.

At first she thought it was a fella dressed up in a gorilla suit but up close she realised it was a real creature.

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