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NASA cut the International Space Station live feed during their Discovery mission in what has been dubbed “the most important UFO footage ever” by a conspiracy theorist speaking in a documentary.

NASA’s STS-96 was the first docking mission to the ISS flown by the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1999. The objective was to carry the Spacehab module – filled with cargo – up to the space centre ready for its first manned mission a year later. However, as the world watched on through a live stream of the ISS on TV, conspiracy theories quickly emerged over a number of objects floating around in space.

Amazon Prime’s “Secret Space series” claimed more than 20 UFOs were spotted on the feed as Discovery passed over a thunderstorm in Florida, US.

Presenter Jeff Challender revealed in 2017: “In my personal opinion this is possibly the most important UFO footage I have ever captured.

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