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Scot Violette was hiking in the Blue Mountains in Eastern Oregon last summer when he saw what he believed to be Bigfoot.

"I tracked down the migratory patterns with credible reports we received, and found that this is where it would be at this time," said Violette, owner of Blue Mountain Bigfoot Research and the host of a recent search for the legendary creature in the Mt. Hood National Forest. "After 25 years (of research), I pinned down that this is where it would be."

Violette said the first thing he noticed was the smell, which he compared to "wet dog rolled in garbage." As he approached closer, he heard the creature growl.

And then he saw its face through the trees.

"It bobbed its head," he said. "I heard a loud whistle. It wasn't like a person's whistle. It was a female elk chirping sound, but a higher pitch.

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