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From 1983 to 1986, the Hudson Valley experienced one of the most well witnessed and widespread UFO outbreaks in modern history, with over 5,000 local residents reporting such incidents. In 1992, Dr. Bruce Cornet began an exhaustive three year, 24 square mile magnetic survey, discovering many geomagnetic anomalies underground along with documenting over 137 close encounters with unconventional aircraft. 

One of the most remarkable things Bruce encountered in his extensive survey was the detection of what he believed to be some kind of an active underground alien probe beneath and adjacent to the Beth Hillel Jewish Cemetery off of Route 52. Using a highly sensitive proton magnetometer, also known as the proton precession magnetometer (PPM), which uses the principle of Earth's field nuclear magnetic resonance to measure very small variations in the Earth's magnetic field, Bruce detected three powerful anomalous magnetic beams shooting out of the ground straight into space. These three magnetic beams formed an equilateral triangle 468 feet on a side.

On November 8th and 9th, 2007 the History Channel brought magnetometers and a ground penetrating radar system to the location of the anomalous magnetic signals for an episode of their show, “The UFO Hunters.” Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) used along the south side of the cemetery encountered a buried object seven to nine feet below the surface, surrounded by Ordovician shales of the Austin Glen Formation, which is exactly where Cornet’s hypothesis predicted it would be found. Measurements indicated that the object is more than 20 feet thick. GPR data extends only down to 27
feet, and does not show the bottom of the object, nor what it is resting on. Neither the Beth Hillel Cemetery or the owner of the adjacent property would consent to excavation on their properties.

Even more interesting was that the History Channel never aired the footage of this survey, leaving Bruce to conjecture that it was quashed from above.

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