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A TV producer has launched a lawsuit in a bid to end UFO secrecy within the US government and expose a secret 'anti-gravity' project.

Bob Kiviat, who has help make television shows on aliens and the paranormal, has filed a lawsuit in California against CIA scientist Ron Pandolfi and his former employers InterNASA.

He claims that Pandolfi ran the agency’s X-Files-style “Weird Desk” dealing with extra-terrestrial visitors.


Kiviat is seeking £230,000 in unpaid wages he claims InterNASA - an advanced physics firm - owes him, according to his lawsuit filed in Orange County.


In a bid to fund his historic lawsuit he has launched a GoFundMe page.


He also hopes his legal case will prise open the inner workings of the CIA's alleged "disinformation" campaign which he says is designed to confuse the public about UFOs by manipulating researchers.

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