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Like many United States military facilities, Nellis Air Force Base has an abundance of UFO activity to its name. Activity which dates back to the start of the modern UFO era. Furthermore, UFO activity continues in the same region today, leading even mainstream media outlets to ask just what connections these facilities might have to such activity. We have examined before, for example, the alleged and little-known crash at the military facility in 1962. Perhaps that incident is just one of many.

Indeed, claims and conspiracies of underground facilities containing recovered crafts, alien technology, and even live extraterrestrial entities, have been persistent for decades, including ‘Area 51’ which until very recently was a facility denied by the US government. It doesn’t take a huge reach of common sense to ask such questions as, if they lied about that, what else have they, or would they, lie about?

Indeed, who are “they” in all of this? Might the equally, to some, outlandish notion of a “shadow government” controlling society from the shadows have more credence than we might think?

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