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In January of 2019, The Galaxy asked, why is that of the tens of thousands of reports of UFO’s since the iconic radio broadcast of Orson Welles “War of the World’s” terrified the nation in 1938, have none been reported by astronomers manning the observatories across our pale blue dot?

Is it because some leading astrophysicists such as Great Britain’s Martin Rees and Paul Davies at Arizona State University, who believe that advanced alien civilizations may be a billion or more years older than the human species have technology that would be unrecognizable by our primitive means?

In December of 2013, astronomers using RadioAstron, a 10 meter radio telescope in an elliptical orbit around the Earth, discovered a spacecraft orbiting the Earth that wasn’t in their database and quickly informed the world about their discovery. Just as quickly they determined that it was actually an object that just happened to have been overlooked by their database, and announced the resolution to the issue.

What did not happen, says Penn State astronomer Jason Wright, tongue in cheek, “is that NASA sent its goons to quiet the astronomers, or phone calls to the POTUS to send national security officers to red alert 5, or astronomers quickly opened up Photoshop to destroy the evidence.”

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