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The Brazilian Bigfoot known as the Curinquean reportedly caused many problems for locals in March and April 1937.  For three long weeks this "creature" was said to have caused havoc with tribes people and farmers alike.  The owners of the cattle explained that a great number of animals had been attacked or taken by some unknown 'creature' which showed great strength. In all over 100 heads of cattle were destroyed. According to reports the 'creature' or Curinquean is a true giant, described as "very tall and bulky, with a long shaggy hairy coat, a flat head and a large brow"   With long powerful arms and very human like hands and feet, the footprints although human in look, did show claws or talons within the track.  Some residents of the region report the 'creature' as the Mapinguari which is also an upright hairy and has a terrible howl.  Reports and Folklore go back hundreds of years in the region.

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