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The fighter pilots could hardly conceal their surprise as they tracked the object moving at incredible speed above the waves. 'Wow, what is that, man?' says one excitedly. 'Look at it fly!'

Infrared cockpit-camera footage taken on a later sortie by the same U.S. Navy squadron reveals another immensely fast-flying object, this one spinning in mid-air and moving against a 120-knot wind, again accompanied by commentary from totally baffled airmen.

Although the footage shows only one of these objects, a pilot is heard to say: 'There's a whole fleet' showing up on his monitors. And as the one in the film turns slowly in the air, a shocked voice chimes in: 'Look at that thing! It's rotating!'

Between the summer of 2014 and March 2015, it's now emerged, these unexplained objects were spotted almost every day over the skies off the U.S. East Coast.

Highly qualified U.S. Navy pilots — flying from the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and training for active duty in the Persian Gulf — told their superiors the objects seemingly defied the laws of physics.

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