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A couple of days ago, I wrote an article here titled “She believed he was an extra-terrestrial being.” It was focused on a case from the files of a long-time UFO researcher named Wayne LaPorte. The article referred to above was written as a result of Wayne very generously sharing with me some of his data. All of which brings me to another fascinating case-file that Wayne gave me. It was on October 29, 2016 that I first read it. In Wayne’s very own words: “This account was first related to me by two friends of mine – Don and Sarah Morris . Both have read little on UFOs, and have read nothing on Men in Black (MIBs). On May 27, 1977, Don, Sarah and myself had supper out. I was discussing hostility sometimes expressed by UFOs. I mentioned that there are on the record cases of Men in Black or MIBs. They asked me what that meant. I said, ‘The MIBs may be an enforcement arm of the UFOnauts. They often dress in black, and are very human-like.’ Sarah said: ‘Really? We had a strange experience with some men dressed in black turtleneck sweaters at a Kent State Memorial Service in 1972. We photographed them, because of their dress. Our film was ruined. There’s not a UFO involved here. However, it was very odd that our film was ruined.'”

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