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Key players on the To The Stars Academy team—a group with curiously impressive resumes from the military industrial and intelligence complex's highest rungs and darkest corners—are virtually everywhere in the media right now. In what has been one of the most impressive media pushes I have seen in a long time, the group has gone all out in promoting their new show, Unidentified, on the History Channel. At the same time, as if right on cue—which isn't all that surprising—huge UFO-related stories have hit the mainstream media. These have included on the record accounts of Navy fighter pilots recently encountering UFOs and an announcement of the service's own rule charges regarding how personnel report these incidents. We have gone in depth on each of these stories in an attempt to cut through the static and get to the truth, or at least the possibilities surrounding what could end up being the truth. 

Yet one of the most fascinating, but seldom-discussed elements of this whole story is how To The Stars Academy Of Arts And Sciences came to be and who the mysterious people were that had a direct hand in making it a reality. Even by its principal founder's own bizarre, yet highly detailed account, which you will read in full in a moment, it sounds far more akin to the making of a tightly controlled government information and psychological operation than the result of a group of highly-qualified people who were interested in accessing new insights on the subject of UFOs.

How utterly surprising. To read more, click here.

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