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A man who opened fire in Kentucky's Mammoth Cave National Park claimed he was hunting Bigfoot, witnesses report.

Brad Ginn and Madelyn Durand were woken by strange noises Sunday night while on a weekend camping trip. They encountered a man who claimed he was on the hunt for whatever destroyed his campsite, warning them they were in "Bigfoot Country."

"[It] seemed a little weird that he would say that," Ginn told ABC 13 WBKO.

The unnamed hunter also advised Ginn and Durand to arm themselves.

"He said, 'I hope you have weapons' and then he flashed his gun at us. [He] was like 'I have this [gun], so if anything happens to you then just yell and I'll come,'" Durand told the station.

Moments later Durand and Ginn heard gunshots and dialed 911, before hiking five miles to meet up with park rangers.

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