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There might be something extraterrestrial going on in Colorado’s San Luis Valley – at least that what some of the long-term residents will tell you.

This part of the state is a vast high-altitude valley, spanning 8,000 square miles in south-central Colorado at an average elevation of 7,664 feet above sea-level – approximately 120 miles long and 75 miles wide. It’s home to the Great Sand Dunes and is drained by the iconic Rio Grande River, created by the Rio Grande Rift, which is thought to have occurred 26 million years ago. It’s unique, it’s beautiful, and it’s a great part of the state to find yourself during a warm summer weekend.

However, what’s especially intriguing about this valley is what allegedly goes on above it. UFO sightings are a common occurrence here, where there’s no light pollution to cloud the skies and the reaches of the stars seem to stretch for an eternity. A flat plot of land full of mystery, welcome to “The Bermuda Triangle of the West.”

The word “vast” is an understatement when describing the San Luis Valley.

In seemingly every direction, the San Luis Valley stretches flat for miles, eventually encircled by a sharp ridgeline of mountains reaching heights above 14,000-feet in the distance. Prehistorically speaking, the area used to be a massive lake – and it’s easy to see how that could be the case while standing on the valley floor. The valley is essentially a large basin that lost its once-trapped water over time.

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