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A man involved in one of the most mysterious UFO encounters of all time claimed he STRANGLED a female "alien" after she poked her finger up his nose in this bizarre recording, made while he was hypnotised.

Calvin Parker underwent regressive hypnosis with the world's top alien abduction researcher, the late Budd Hopkins, to unlock memories buried in his deep subconscious of his alleged close encounter.

Now newly discovered tapes of the session, obtained by Sun Online, reveal how Calvin claimed he grabbed one of his captors and banged her head against a mirror after she examined him on a table.

Calvin, then aged 19, was fishing on the banks of the Pascagoula River, in Mississippi, with his pal Charlie Hickson when they claim a UFO landed nearby and they were grabbed by strange creatures with lobster-like claws.

Calvin was put under a trance by Budd who asks him a series of questions about the Pascagoula incident in October 1973.

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