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A phenomenon that has been reported from throughout the world is that of massive, hairy wild men living in the remote wilderness, with perhaps the most widely known being the Bigfoot or Sasquatch of North America. However, a type of hairy hominid that is lesser-known and more rarely reported on is Bigfoot’s cousin south of the border. Here we will take a look at Mexico’s own version of the Sasquatch, and it is every bit as strange as its northern neighbors.

Such creatures in Mexico are by no means a new phenomenon and have been reported for centuries in one form or another. The early chronicler of Mexican history Fernando Alva Ixtlilxochitl, made mention in his book Obras Históricas”of a race of hairy giants that had lived in the region of what would become Mexico since long before the first human settlers arrived. These monstrous beasts were called the Quinametzin, and according to early settler accounts, they were a fearsome and violent, warlike tribe. Indeed, it is said that these creatures frequently engaged in battle with normal humans and that they were eventually defeated to either go extinct or into exile in the wilderness. These Quinametzin are perhaps the oldest account of large bipedal hairy humanoids in Mexico, but similar legends were often spoken of among the various native tribes of the land.

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