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The evolving map above of green, yellow and purple Google markers produced by NightDrones.net shows where strange and unidentified drone-like aerial technology has been haunting the skies of northeastern Colorado and southwestern Nebraska since the middle of December 2019 into January 2020. Facebook sites opened up where dozens of eyewitnesses have been reporting mysterious aerial lights 400 feet to a thousand feet above them, either silent or making a “drone buzzing sound.” Some flash red, green and white lights while some are only steady red lights. Local, county, state and federal officials keep saying they have no idea where the drone-like technologies are taking off from or returning to. Or how some seem to remain stationary for a long time in the same place without having to land for battery re-charge.

And one shouldn't expect any explanations to be forthcoming.  To read more, click here.
Category: Weird Desk