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The Colorado Department of Public Safety says it is scaling back its investigation into reports of unexplained drone sightings after finding zero evidence that groups of large unmanned aircraft are flying strange patterns in the night sky.

“To date, CDPS has confirmed no incidents involving criminal activity, nor have investigations substantiated reports of suspicious or illegal drone activity,” the agency said Monday in a statement.

BULLSHIT! The predictable mainstream media push back is in full swing. The Colorado DPS obviously got their marching orders, as did ABC, just as I predicted they would. Disgusting. Citizen observer activists need to pick up the slack. Be careful, though. If you dig up too much, you will either be paid an unpleasant visit, or worse. It doesn't take a genius to conclude that these overflights were suspended when the public outcry and media attention reached a critical point. To read more, click here.
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