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On any given day in Southwest Virginia, a grey and turquois colored 20+ year old van can be spotted cruising the backroads of Appalachia.  The van sports a very eye catching message on its side, “Big Foot Hunter.”  Laughed at by some and the subject of intrigue by others, the apparent owner of the van isn’t alone in the belief that not all of Appalachia’s wildlife has been discovered.

On more than one occasion, I’ve even had someone lean in toward me and whisper, “I believe there’s something up in the mountains like that,” anytime the conversation went in the general direction of Sasquatch.

Though the weight of evidence for the existence of such a creature is a matter of personal opinion and perspective, in truth the number of sightings and tales of such mysterious beasts beg — at the very least — an honest and fresh look.

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Category: Weird Desk