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One of the most confounding things about strange creatures is their curious connection to ancient stone circles, sites of archaeological significance, and historical burial mounds. The United Kingdom’s most famous stone circle, Stonehenge, is situated on the vast and sprawling Salisbury Plain, which is located in the green and hilly county of Wiltshire. Notably, sightings of strange creatures near this approximately 5,000-year-old Neolithic stone structure are far from uncommon; the Neolithic period. As just one example of many, Merrily Harpur, a researcher of large, anomalous black cats in the U.K., interviewed a former member of the British Army named George Price, who had a sighting of a huge, orangutan-like animal on Salisbury Plain in 2002. The English county of Kent is home to a small village called Blue Bell Hill, which happens to be the site of a Neolith era formation of stones called Kit’s Coty House. It’s a structure that may have doubled as a site for human sacrifice and as a memorial to ancient, fallen warriors of renown. It’s notable that numerous sightings have been made at Kit’s Coty House – usually late at night, and often when the Moon is full and a cold wind howls – of semi-spectral, primitive-looking people, dressed in rags and animal skins, lurking among the old, long abandoned stones.

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