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Not only was a sighting of a strange light over Lake Anten in the Summer of 1970 witnessed by multiple people, but it would result in the discovery of strange indentions in the ground where many of those same witnesses claimed to see the glowing object land.

What’s more, it was the distinct feeling of the those who investigated the case, at least according to the April 1971 edition of The Scandinavian Newsletter, officials tried to “put the carpet over the fire” in order to produce another “solved case”. In reality, the case remains unsolved. And more importantly, remains an incident that likely has more to contribute to the overall picture of the UFO and alien question.

We have examined previously two close encounter incidents that took place in the opening months of 1970 in Finland. And while we won’t go over those two incidents here, we will examine several other incidents that took place in the immediate weeks and months that would follow the Lake Anten incident in the Scandinavian region. It just might be, however, that those two incidents do indeed have a connection to the incidents that we are about to examine here.

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