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"Was out rabbit hunting between the hours of 2130 CDT to about 2315 CDT on a farm outside of Maud, Oklahoma in April 2011. It was a clear and cold night with a quarter moon out.

Upon returning to my home, about 2315 CDT, I walked up on my patio which is about 5 feet off the ground. As soon as I reached the deck, I noticed a large human like figure that was bigger than any man I ever saw. I used the Surefire white light on my shotgun to see better. Due to light fog, I could only see about 25 feet with the light. The creature was out in the open enough to see an outline of the figure. I had seen all my animals act unusual prior, a feeling of being watched at hours of darkness on more then once. The figure was watching me and made eye contact. It was very large and close to 7 to 8 feet tall, was very stocky build, would guess well over 400 lbs.

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Category: Weird Desk