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USS Nimitz UFO incident is undoubtedly the most infamous and most talked UFO incident in our human history. Till now, there’s neither an appropriate explanation nor any fitting assumptions or hypothesis regarding the event. But recently, another story emerged, and there is possibly a third aircraft that witnessed the mysterious flying object on Nov. 14, 2004, off the coast of San Diego.

The footage was released back in 2017 that depicted the unexplained aerial phenomena, but the person associated with sighting claimed that it was never meant to make public. Commander David Fravor, who piloted F/8-18E Super Hornet, was the one who brought this incident in public’s attention.

Dave Beaty, who claimed that he had interviewed the real witnesses of the USS Nimitz UFO incident, appeared on The Hidden Truth Show with Jim Breslo on Feb. 10. He told Jim Breslo that an interviewee had said to him that they were ordered to stay quiet about the UFO incident. Dave also mentioned that his interviewees had signed non-disclosure type agreements after the event.

After Commander David Fravor released the report in 2017, many people have come forward and claimed that they, too, were the witnesses of that bizarre incident. David Fravor, in his statement, claimed that there were only two aircraft involved, but according to Dave Beaty, there was a possible third aircraft involved.

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