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Cmdr. David Fravor served 22 years as a U.S. naval aviator. He is neither a liar nor a loon.


I note that in light of Fravor's testimony that he saw something extraordinary while flying off the USS Nimitz in the Pacific Ocean back in 2004. That exceptionally maneuverable "tic-tac" shaped object, Fravor says, had no wings, no visible jet propulsion, and seemed to be under intelligent control. The Navy has now admitted that three videos of unidentified flying objects, including one recorded by Fravor's squadron during the 2004 incident he experienced, are indeed videos of unidentified phenomenon.


This admission has the testimony of Fravor and other pilots coming under increasing scrutiny. Some say the pilots mistook what they saw or became confused. Others suggest the pilots didn't actually see anything.


Ultimately, this skepticism is healthy. And I can tell you where it's going to end: with more people recognizing that these videos show real objects which, before and after being recorded, performed seemingly impossible movements and were captured on various sensor platforms doing as much. The pilots who witnessed these objects with their own eyes, as well as various aircraft cameras, say as much.

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