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After several UFO sightings and the filing of a report, residents in Muskegon, Michigan recall the sudden appearance of unknown black garbed military.

I found your blog while hunting for information on UFO investigations. A co-worker told me that some UFO investigators may be alien beings hired by the government and military. Is this true? I ask because something happened to me that I cannot explain.

I live near Muskegon, Michigan, close to the Lake Michigan shoreline. Over the past 2 years (we've lived here since 2012) several neighbors and ourselves have witnessed many weird lights above the lake. During the past few weeks there were several 'strings' of red and white lights moving north above the lake. I noticed the lights twice on different nights.

The man across the street contacted a UFO group (I don't know the name of the group). He told my son that he had also seen unusual 'people' in his backyard from his bedroom window late one night. When he went out to confront them, they were gone. This happened just two days after he filed a UFO report online.

On two consecutive nights my son and I saw spotlights shining from the shore of the lake. There was a field, narrow road and a berm between our house and the lake. It looked like the spotlights may have been mounted on vehicles. On both nights this occurred around 11 PM and lasted for only a few minutes.

A few days later I was out in the backyard working in my garden. A man dressed in black military garb had entered through my back gate and walked towards me. I stopped what I was doing and waited for him to say something. He wore glasses that were tinted yellow, which stood out because everything else on him was black. He also wore a plain black cap - there was no insignia.

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