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Reports of an   in Brazil took over social media in May this year, with many claiming extraterrestrials crashed just north of Rio de Janeiro. Scores of conspiracy theorists took to Twitter and Facebook to share . One video in particular even alleged to show the UFO crash site in the forest of Mage, along Brazil's east coast and Guanabara Bay.

As the story gained traction, the hashtag #MageUFO began trending on Twitter.

Soon after, the hashtag seemingly disappeared and many of the shared video clips were taken down, leading people to speculate a coverup was in action.

According to the Brazilian news site UOL, local authorities and the Air Force had no record of unidentified flying objects around the time of the supposed crash.

So what exactly happened in Brazil last month and did alien UFOs really visit our planet?

To read more and view the video, click here.
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