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The claim that there are alien hybrids have always been science fiction, or if UFO researchers made such a claim, even some with PhDs, then they always had serious credibility problems. Rushing to believe these claims would be clearly irrational, for now.

Typically there's almost always serious flaws on both sides of high profile discussions of this subject, at least if they go beyond the basic facts of various incidents. One of the highest profile examples where a UFO researcher claims he has what he considers solid evidence of alien human hybrids is David M. Jacobs, who has been writing about it for decades before going into retirement recently. Seth Shostak reviews someone who is still lecturing based on Jacobs teachings in Space aliens are breeding with humans, university instructor says. Scientists say otherwise. 05/25/2019 which refuters claims by Young-hae Chi and Jacobs, and seems far more credible than David Jacobs, especially when considering some of Jacobs back ground. In one of Jacobs books he makes a point of saying that he doesn't try to review the same memories twice; however, there was one exception where he accidentally did and retrieved memories under hypnosis that contradicted a previous session. Instead of speculating about the probability that at least some memories based on hypnosis might be false memories, he dismisses it with a weak defense and declines to double check any of the memories he's retrieving. His PhD. is in history not psychiatry or psychology, and he uses these hypnotic sessions to draw far fetched conclusions, which have serious credibility problems.

Even though Seth Shostak seems far more credible most of the time, he also makes his share of obvious blunders, which he should have caught. One of these may be the claim that "polls indicate that up to 6 percent of Americans claim to have been abducted by" aliens with a link to Why alien abductions are down dramatically 06/12/2016 which actually says "one in 25 respondents believed they’d been abducted by aliens," which comes to 4% the 6% reference was for people who "reported experiencing a hallucination unrelated to drugs, alcohol, or sleep," not abduction. There are few if any reliable polls about people who have been abducted, but I've seen a few, although 4% would be higher than any other I've heard of. A Washington Post poll comparing alien abductions to voter fraud claims 2.5% of people claim to have been abducted, which is the second highest I've heard of, although this doesn't seem to be the most credible either, and they assume that some people may have rushed through the survey. Perhaps a more credible report I've heard of comes from Is it normal to believe you have been abducted by aliens? July 2019 which says, "The prevalence of these beliefs is unknown, but estimates vary from ‘at least several thousand worldwide’,4 to 3.7 million in American alone.5" The high end of this estimate is just over 1%, and the source she cites is Jacobs and Bud Hopkins, who aren't the most credible ones, the lower end is about one in a million people claiming to be abducted, and comes from a more skeptical source. Seth Shostak seems to have picked the highest estimate and exaggerated it even more, which isn't very scientific.

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