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The state of Idaho is riddled with Native American place names like Lapwai, Kamiah, Kooskia and Weippe.

The culture and heritage runs deep in the Gem State.

Speaking of deep, there is probably no story or landmark in Idaho that has a deeper meaning in how it began. At least according to Nez Perce lore.

In this Get to Know Idaho segment, we learn the origin story of the Seven Devils mountain range.

Formed about 150 million years ago, the Seven Devils Mountains have seen some history.

But their history is much more colorful when told through the tales of the Nez Perce Indians.

“What the legend kind of refers to is kind of a story or rendition of seven beasts that were devouring Nez Perce children years ago,” said Nakia Williamson, Cultural Resources Program Director of the Nez Perce Tribe.

The story goes these seven giants would head east out of the Blue Mountains of Oregon to inflict their terror on the tribe. So, the last leader of the Nez Perce asked Coyote for help.

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