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A retired RAF pilot who flew a Prime Minister, VIPs and the public around the world in a 47-year career has revealed his own close encounter with a UFO shaped like 'Michelin Man'.

Brian Burdett, 83, was flying a Royal Air Force VC10 at 35,000ft when the strange 'oil drum' shaped object appeared 25 miles north of Corsica.

He was en-route from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus to RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire and was carrying RAF service personnel and their families to and from Singapore. They were daily flights.


Brian, who was acting Squadron Leader, was left baffled by the object which looked like a bright shiny oil drum.


Speaking for the first time about the sighting, he said: "Imagine a 56 gallon oil drum, the ones that come up to your hip and have those little bulges at regular intervals; imagine Michelin Man.


"Imagine also that it was not black or dirty but shining bright with an immense glare. It was suspended in our 11 o'clock position and above us.


"In real terms, had it been the real thing its apparent size put it 20 feet away but the inability to sense its relative distance was eerie because we could not work it out.


"We concluded it could have been a mile or several depending on its size, whatever that was. We lost sight of it when we could crane our heads no higher.

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