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As communities on Mexico’s Gulf coast brace themselves for what is predicted to be a grueling hurricane season, a group of stargazers in the north-eastern state of Tamaulipas are confident that a unique form of disaster preparation will keep their city safe.

Members of the Association of Scientific UFO Research of Tamaulipas, or Aicot, believe that an inter-dimensional underwater base of extraterrestrial origin has protected the coastal cities of Ciudad Madero and Tampico from hurricanes for more than 50 years.

Aicot’s president, Juan Carlos Ramón López Díaz, claims to have visited the base – known as Amupac – via astral projection, which he says he induced through meditation and a pescatarian diet.

“It’s also recommendable to ascend ancestral constructions, like temples and pyramids, that have stairs at a 45-degree angle,” he says. (Hills sloping at such a gradient will also do, if one doesn’t live near pre-Columbian ruins.)

Ciudad Madero suffered four direct landfalls in the 20th century, including Hurricane Inez in 1966 which killed 74 people in Mexico alone.

López and his allies believe that the base was established some time after that.

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