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A US intelligence agency that denied its very existence for decades has likely already determined the true nature of the UFO phenomena, and has kept its discoveries from the public for over a half-century.

This agency has the ability to “see” anything anywhere at any time as it is happening - even outside of our atmosphere. They have detected airspace intrusions of all kinds – including most assuredly, those of Unidentified Flying Objects. The degree of precision with which they operate is so astounding -and the scope of their global coverage is so vast - that there is only one conclusion that can be drawn about this ultra-secret agency: If extraterrestrial craft have entered the Earth’s realm, they are aware of them and they have filmed them.

These images – and their accompanying technical analysis- have never been released to the public. The stunning reasons why this is so are now revealed - including those found in a USAF letter about UFOs from the 1970s. The letter (directed to this author) denied the existence of the agency in question and warned me away by threatening prosecution by federal authorities.

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