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The True Story of the "Lights" Inspiring 'Phoenix Forgotten' 21 April 2017
SHOCK CLAIM: Three UFOs made circles in field of rapeseed as they ANALYSED CROPS 19 April 2017
A Photographer Claims To Have Recorded A Video Of Multiple UFOs Appearing In Arizona Skies 18 April 2017
TRIANGLE UFO MADNESS: Insane bizarre craft report after encounter on Friday 13TH 11 April 2017
UFO Video From Airplane Window Spain ! Apr 2017 11 April 2017
What is this mysterious black disk hovering silently above Mexico? 11 April 2017
A Man Communicating With An Extraterrestrial From Mars – Taken Seriously By The BBC, Live In 1954 07 April 2017
‘Unacknowledged’: Documentary Claims To Expose Official Conspiracy To Enforce Secrecy About UFO, ET Phenomena 06 April 2017
HOUSTON, WE HAVE AN ADMISSION Meet the Nasa astronauts who believe aliens are visiting Earth and communicating with humanity 06 April 2017
UFO enthusiast mysteriously vanishes leaving behind a den filled with secret codes, 14 encrypted books and a statue of 16th Century philosopher who predicted aliens' existence 05 April 2017
UFOs and Aliens in Declassified U.S. Forest Service Reports 05 April 2017
SpaceX Satellite launch live feed suddenly CUT over ‘mysterious triangle-shaped UFO' 03 April 2017
UFO experts believe live feed from SpaceX Satellite launch mysteriously cut 'due to mystery objects' 03 April 2017
‘I have proved aliens exist,’ claims doc who snapped ‘best UFO picture of the YEAR’ 02 April 2017
In Poland’s Crooked Forest, a Mystery With No Straight Answer 01 April 2017
‘Former NASA engineer’ says he saw NINE-FOOT alien on space shuttle during flight 31 March 2017
Aliens or swamp gas? The mystery of Michigan’s most famous UFO sighting lives on 29 March 2017
Aliens are HERE on Earth and will TAKE OVER, claims scientist 27 March 2017
Triangle UFO sensation deepens: Two MORE bizarre craft caught on camera 22 March 2017
What happened to man 'bundled into van after stealing proof of ALIENS from Area 51?' 20 March 2017
Strong Evidence Shows Extraterrestrials Have Been Shutting Down Nuclear Missiles Worldwide For Decades, But Why? 20 March 2017
Why THOUSANDS of people across the globe are seeing mysterious shape-shifting UFO 19 March 2017
‘There’s no plan’ if aliens visit, says MOD’s former UFO expert 17 March 2017
UFO whistleblower: Ex-US Naval officer 'saw entrance to secret alien base in Antarctica' 17 March 2017
How 1,600 People Went Missing from Our Public Lands Without a Trace 15 March 2017
Are extraordinary images snapped 24 years ago today world's best UFO pictures EVER taken? 12 March 2017
'Alien shot and killed at US Airforce base' - Mysterious case has NEVER been explained 12 March 2017
Proof of aliens? Ex Blink 182 frontman promises ‘BIG UFO ANNOUNCEMENT’ within 60 DAYS (Bull!) 12 March 2017
UFOS OVER PYRAMIDS: Crystal clear footage of bizarre objects at Giza goes viral 10 March 2017
Bizarre 'megaship' captured by International Space Station camera before Nasa 'dims the feed' 07 March 2017
Government Is Hiding UFO And Alien Information? Here's What George Bush Says 06 March 2017
What is this perfect black cube hovering over USA's top-secret military research complex? 04 March 2017
‘Portal to another universe’ OPENS shining light beam to terrified Californians 04 March 2017
George Bush Refuses to Talk About UFO Files 04 March 2017
Tom Delonge is about to reveal an alien conspiracy, Blink-182 singer suggests after receiving UFO award (yea, sure) 03 March 2017
What is this 2.5mile long object moving under the Pacific Ocean? 03 March 2017
'UFO' sighting over Tasmania sparks intelligent alien life theories on Facebook 28 February 2017
Mysterious UFO Lit Up By Lightning In A Thunderstorm, UFO Hunter Claims [Video] 26 February 2017
Terrifying Audio Recording Of A Bigfoot Attack! ;-) 25 February 2017
Why Do People Who See UFOs Feel So Good? A Neuroscientist Explores The Phenomenon (Because they're stoned a lot? ;-) 24 February 2017
Was Gary McKinnon right? ‘SECRET space fleet filmed at US Airforce base’ 22 February 2017
Russian soldiers zapped by aliens after shooting down UFO, declassified CIA report claims 21 February 2017
Alien hunter SecureTeam10 delivers BRUTAL response to rival who accused him of faking UFO footage 21 February 2017
Aliens ‘make contact’: ETs ‘HACK Nasa Voyager 2 probe 9 BILLION MILES AWAY’ 17 February 2017
Nasa live feed mysteriously cuts as 'six large UFOs' creep past International Space Station 17 February 2017
'TR-3B Triangle UFO' seen being driven in military convoy near Area 51? 16 February 2017
Did aliens build pyramids on Mars? Conspiracy theorists uncover 'explosive' discovery in CIA documents 15 February 2017
Why was 'huge flashing UFO' filmed hovering over Texas AND Normandy three months apart? 15 February 2017
EXCLUSIVE: 'Secret base for man-eating aliens being built' US official records reveal 11 February 2017
Mystery of UFO spotted by Welsh schoolchildren and weird events that followed sparking secret MoD probe 11 February 2017
Stunned motorist captures mysterious 'flying disc' being transported by police convoy near secretive US air base 11 February 2017
USA concerned about China's possible contact with extraterrestrials 09 February 2017
Ex-Air Force Cadet Broke Into Area 51, Claims He Was Later Abducted By Aliens 09 February 2017
Alien hunter arrested in after mistaking a police helicopter for a UFO and shining a laser into the aircraft 09 February 2017
Chemist Erol Faruk Publishes Proof of UFO Landing in Delphos, Kansas 09 February 2017
UFO 'chases passenger jet' through the sky as baffled witness releases video in a bid to find explanation 08 February 2017
Latest UFO News: An Army Of Six UFOs Deployed Near Colima, Mexico 06 February 2017
ISS Live Feed Was Cut To Cover Up Alien UFO Passing By, Alien Hunters Say 02 February 2017
Awesome Weird Light leaves Mexican Volcano. 01 February 2017
Scientists Around The World Corroborate Evidence Of Extraterrestrial Life 01 February 2017
Bloke captures 'UFO with three visible aliens' stalking him in shock photo 01 February 2017
‘MOST AMAZING PROOF OF ALIENS’ – ‘Real ET’ snapped walking across ROAD in broad daylight 01 February 2017
Another UFO Sighting? Police Cars And Supersonic Jet Escorted The Alleged UFO, Eye Witnesses Say 31 January 2017
FBI UFO Records: The Vault— UFO Part 1 of 16 31 January 2017
Iceman ~ Humanoid Being Or Ghost Climbing Cave Wall 29 January 2017
Did NASA Hide An Alien Again? Alien Hunter Claims ISS Feed Was 'Cut' After UFO Sighting 27 January 2017
Researchers Hilariously Debate Whether Or Not To Kill Bigfoot 27 January 2017
‘Fleet of UFOs soar over Mexican border into the US’ in eerie footage which later ‘disappeared from the internet’ 27 January 2017
FOUND IT! Alien Ship Being Stored At South Pole 1/23/17 24 January 2017
Eerie webcam footage shows ‘family of six Bigfoot’ shuffling out from trees at Yellowstone National Park 24 January 2017
UFOs Sucking Up Water From Oceans Around The Globe! 1/23/17 24 January 2017
Mystery ball of light caught on camera hovering eerily in night sky as 'UFO' leaves experts baffled 23 January 2017
Roswell UFO Crash Was ‘Real’: Government Cover-Ups Continue For Fear Of Social Meltdown, MUFON Exec Claims 22 January 2017
CIA releases INCREDIBLE top secret image of UFO flying over the Eiffel Tower 20 January 2017
CIA files: Uri Geller has real powers 20 January 2017
Real US 'secret base for hiding UFOs' is REVEALED 19 January 2017
What is causing SUPER-GRAVITY in the frozen wastes of Antarctica? 19 January 2017
CIA FOIA Library (UFOs) 18 January 2017
Footage Shows UFO Hit By Lightning Over French Mountains: Mysterious Craft Smokes As It Crashes To Earth, ET Chaser Claims [Video] 18 January 2017
CIA releases 13m pages of declassified documents online 18 January 2017
MUFON's Jan Harzan On Area 51, Jimmy Carter's UFO Sighting And History Channel's Hangar 1 Series 18 January 2017
Astonishing Crop Circles Amaze Researchers 17 January 2017
Did You See That? Why Are They Trying To Hide The Existence Of Aliens From People? 17 January 2017
Alleged UFO Caught On Film From The ISS; Astronauts Covered It 17 January 2017
Government Is Considering Disclosure About Tall White Aliens, Whistleblower Claims: U.S. Signed Technology Transfer Treaty With ET Species After World War II 15 January 2017
What is the bizarre UFO which is appearing above cities ALL ACROSS Europe? 14 January 2017
Ellendale man believes huge footprints belong to Bigfoot 11 January 2017
Bizarre satellites images reveal 'massive staircase leading up side of huge mountain in Antarctica' 11 January 2017
Chilean Navy Declassifies UFO Video: Officially It Was A ‘UAP,’ But French Expert Analysis Dismissed 08 January 2017
UFO hunters find giant ‘alien claw’ buried beneath Peruvian desert 08 January 2017
Gigantic ‘Star Trek-like’ Starship UFO, As Big As Earth’s Moon, Spotted In NASA Photo Near Our Sun, ET Hunters Claim [Video] ;-) 07 January 2017
NASA Image reveals Radio Telescope on the Lunar Surface? 07 January 2017
Chilean officials can’t identify a strange IR signal seen by its Navy 07 January 2017
Chile gives up trying to explain nine-minute UFO video 06 January 2017
Alien UFO ‘Normandy’ Invasion? Mysterious Mothership Flashes Signals To Approaching Smaller Craft Over British Beach [Video] 06 January 2017
‘Star Trek UFO' hovering above lake convinces staunch sceptic aliens DO exist 06 January 2017
Earth Is Going To End In 2017: Conspiracy Theory Suggests Planet X Will Cause The End Of The World (can't wait!;-) 04 January 2017
Triangle UFO Mystery: Massive, Eerily Silent And Fast, Reports Indicate Objects Are Becoming More Prevalent 02 January 2017
Mysterious Object Under The Surface Of Antarctica Could Be 'Nazi UFO Bases,' Conspiracy Theorists Claim 01 January 2017
UFO News: Possible Fireball UFOs Terrorize North Carolina Witness 01 January 2017