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What Launched from Whidbey Island, Washington, On Sunday, June 10, 2018? 14 June 2018
Is THIS biggest proof of alien life on moon captured by Neil Armstrong? 14 June 2018
Is the USAF spying on North Korea? Shock claims as 'SUPERSONIC jet' spotted near border 13 June 2018
Commuter terrified as 'PORTAL to another dimension' opens during electrical storm 13 June 2018
Missile launch? Lens flare? Mysterious object spotted over Whidbey Island raises questions 12 June 2018
Did Neil Armstrong & His Crew Encounter Extraterrestrials On The Moon? 11 June 2018
Burrell: In this time of tension and anxiety, UFOs are back in the news 10 June 2018
What is the mysterious object caught on video near a military naval base? Stunned motorist claims to have filmed a 'UFO' 09 June 2018
Are aliens WATCHING us? Conspiracy frenzy as 'four UFOs surround ISS' 09 June 2018
Gone ‘squatchin’: How to hunt for Bigfoot 09 June 2018
Close encounters with UFOs are getting harder to find 06 June 2018
Coverup? Montana state lab sends ‘mystery animal’ remains to Federal forensics lab in Ashland 05 June 2018
Mysterious four-legged animal is filmed wandering across a man's driveway in the middle of the night - but do you know what it is? 05 June 2018
Part 1: Latest Genetech DNA Results On 3-Fingered Bodies from Palpa/Nazca Region of Peru 31 May 2018
Driver FREAKS OUT after spotting glowing UFO hovering above Earth 30 May 2018
UFOs are suddenly a serious news story. You can thank the guy from Blink-182 for that 30 May 2018
Is the MoD testing ALIEN technology? Shock claims as 'electrical cloud' filmed at RAF base 30 May 2018
Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program Investigated Poltergeist Connection to Alien Mystery 29 May 2018
Military Report: UFOs May Have Attempted Rendezvous With Giant Undersea Object 29 May 2018
Law Enforcement Officer Talks About Bigfoot Encounter 29 May 2018
Is there something unusual in this "Into The Little Belts" aerial video? 25 May 2018
Mysterious wolf-like creature shot in northcentral Montana near Denton 25 May 2018
Military report reveals more strange details on ‘UFO’ sighting 25 May 2018
Mysterious unidentifed humanoid object landing in Canada videotaped 23 May 2018
Bigfoot Attacks Semi-Truck 23 May 2018
The Legend of Sasquatch: Hunting bigfoot right here in the Blue Ridge Mountains 22 May 2018
Mystery object hovers over Hawke's Bay skies - is it a UFO? 22 May 2018
Did something just break out of Area 51? Bizarre hole appears with ‘tentacles’ left behind 21 May 2018
I-Team Exclusive: Confidential report analyzes Tic Tac UFO incidents 21 May 2018
Is the USAF running a top secret black project? Frenzy as TR-3B jet sightings MAPPED 20 May 2018
Mystery booms and lights throughout US spark secret WW3 tunnelling fears 18 May 2018
American Embassy “Foreign Service Despatch” to Department of State Regarding the YETI, 30 November 1959 17 May 2018
Couple report 'Bigfoot' sighting in New Jersey 17 May 2018
Aliens 'drawing energy from volcano eruptions? ;-) 17 May 2018
Daytime UFO over Medford, Oregon 15-May-2018 16 May 2018
Man captures pulsating ‘UFO’ over Nevada desert 16 May 2018
Bizarre, bright lights flickering high above national park surprises keen stargazer 16 May 2018
'Aliens' could be our non-Earth relatives 16 May 2018
Top secret TR-3B supersonic craft caught SPYING on France? Frenzy over triangular UFO 16 May 2018
Has a PORTAL opened in Florida? Online frenzy as 'aliens begin to INVADE Earth' 15 May 2018
TR-3B spotted spying on Russia? Bizarre triangular UFO sparks USAF conspiracy frenzy 14 May 2018
Strange UFO Seen Hurtling Towards US Military Plane Crash 14 May 2018
UFO sightings in the USA MAPPED: Where are you most likely to see alien craft in the US? 14 May 2018
Inverness man claims his photo shows UFO with ‘mysterious letters’ on it tearing through the sky 13 May 2018
UFO in the sky video sparks claims it proves 'aliens are visiting Earth' 12 May 2018
These Are Real Pentagon Reports On Warp Drive, Extra Dimensions, Anti-Gravity, And More 11 May 2018
UFO mysteries unraveled: How the ‘real-life X-Files’ emerged from a top secret UK project 10 May 2018
Bigfoot spotted? Bizarre ape-like creature leaves youngster TERRIFIED 10 May 2018
Two helicopters spotted 'chasing' UFO sparks IMMINENT alien invasion fears 10 May 2018
'I'm 100% sure it was Bigfoot': Man insists he saw mythical creature walking through field near Bristol 10 May 2018
Are aliens invading Ireland? Bizarre footage shows 'UFOs' flying over Cork 09 May 2018
UFO expert calls for probe as declassified Russian files list horror 'alien' encounters 08 May 2018
No time for aliens: how the MoD tried to prove no one's out there 08 May 2018
Former head of Pentagon UFO program’s group releases list of traits ‘unique’ to UFOs 08 May 2018
World War 3 WARNING: Bizarre claim ‘Reptilian aliens’ set stage for war in Ukraine 08 May 2018
Pentagon and MoD officials feared UFOs were either ‘demonic’ or sent by God, former investigators reveal 08 May 2018
After the Mile High Mystery Conference, the truth is still out there 07 May 2018
Men In Black shock claim: Group chased by unknown men after entering alleged UFO centre (VIDEO) 06 May 2018
Documents prove secret UFO study based in Nevada 05 May 2018
Atlantis FOUND under Antarctica's ice? Google Earth 'exposes four ancient buildings' 05 May 2018
Bigfoot In New Jersey? Couple Joins Dozens To Report Seeing Creature 04 May 2018
Park Rangers Come Clean on Scary Things They've Seen in Their Careers in the Woods 03 May 2018
The mysterious machine known as the Airship 03 May 2018
The creepy truth about the chupacabra 02 May 2018
Strange Black Figure Floats Across Texas Sky 02 May 2018
UFO spotted 'LEAVING Earth and heading for space' in astonishing video 02 May 2018
Britain's Area 51 EXPOSED? UFOs 'spotted being escorted by military jet' 30 April 2018
Ancient aliens on Earth: Do these PREHISTORIC UFO drawings prove we are not alone? 27 April 2018
Woman films strange black object moving through the sky in the middle of a flight - as her sister insists she also encountered a low-flying 'ship' over a year ago 27 April 2018
Amateur astronomer films THREE UFO's flying between Earth and the Moon in eerie footage 27 April 2018
Did NASA just expose the Black Knight? Conspiracy frenzy as clip 'shows craft by moon' 27 April 2018
Bizarre four-foot 'mutant' florescent fish spotted in lake - and no-one can explain what it is 26 April 2018
Alien whistleblower claims ETs and UFOs are being HARVESTED in an underground facility 26 April 2018
'War of the Worlds' alien frenzy as bizarre object emerges from rainbow during storm 26 April 2018
Cross Shaped UFO Captured Over Brazil 26 April 2018
Are aliens watching Britain? UFO seen for SECOND time over eastern England 26 April 2018
UFO spotted leaving Area 51? Reverse technology FRENZY after object almost instantly accelerarates vertically' 26 April 2018
Incredible footage of ‘ball of LIGHT UFO’ above Brit countryside 24 April 2018
'Something landed' Mystery object spotted in Antarctica as light beams from ice fields 24 April 2018
Bizarre image claims to show 'UFO' with alien inside 24 April 2018
Pentagon UFO project could have SECRET info that solves Britain’s ROSWELL 23 April 2018
'Humans did NOT come from Earth' Bombshell claims life started on ANOTHER planet 22 April 2018
US government accidentally sends a strange conspiracy theory file describing 'remote mind control' and 'forced memory blanking' 20 April 2018
UFOs in New Jersey: What has been spotted above the Shore? 19 April 2018
Very Clear Daylight Video of UFO Hovering Over Turkey 18 April 2018
Mysterious object appears over Florida 17 April 2018
Terrifying ‘Fast Walker’ UFO spotted travelling at ‘more than 1000mph’ past ISS 16 April 2018
Huge 7 foot beast described as 'half human, half animal' leaves residents TERRIFIED after ‘savaging two dogs' 16 April 2018
Huge 7ft beast described as 'half human, half animal' leaves residents TERRIFIED after ‘savaging two dogs' 16 April 2018
Mass Sighting – Bizarre, Swirling Lights Over Arizona, California and Mexico 15 April 2018
Amazing footage recorded over Las Vegas! 9-Apr-2018 12 April 2018
No, Buzz Aldrin didn’t see a UFO on his way to the moon Peru’s Nazca Plateau 10 April 2018
Why Did Gov’t. Agents Demand Destruction of Mysterious Ring Formation On Cargill Salt Pond? 09 April 2018
Is the USAF hiding something? Man captures something BIZARRE ‘lifting off from Area 51’ 09 April 2018
Buzz Aldrin ‘passes UFO lie detector test leaving experts convinced alien life exists’ 08 April 2018
Plane passenger wakes up to find UFO with 'glowing line of fire' flying beneath plane 07 April 2018
NASA astronauts stunned as ‘infamous alien spacecraft’ appears beneath them in shock clip 06 April 2018
Strange 'UFO craft' spotted hovering in night sky 06 April 2018
UFOs Seen by NASA Near the International Space Station – Again 06 April 2018
Argentinian pilot stunned as two ‘flying saucer’ UFOs pass 05 April 2018