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Study shows Idaho has highest rate of UFO sightings this year 25 June 2020
Classified UFO briefings may have left senators 'disturbed,' expert says 25 June 2020
The Great Yowie Mystery! Footprints found on bush highway spark wild conspiracy theories - but one motorist thinks there is a VERY simple explanation to the yellow marks 25 June 2020
Close encounters: Mark Rodeghier talks Roswell, the CIA and Chicago’s Center for UFO Studies 24 June 2020
nprecedented Public Report On UFOs Requested From Senate Intel Committee 24 June 2020
'It's not ours': Government denies knowledge of strange 'UFO' over Japanese city 20 June 2020
Donald Trump says he’s heard ‘interesting’ things about aliens but refuses to reveal secrets of Roswell UFO site 20 June 2020
Mystery Wire Podcast: DoD e-mails, a new government UFO program, Wilson-Davis document and much more 20 June 2020
Trump won't even tell his son if there were aliens at Roswell June 19, 2020 20 June 2020
Billy Cox: Eric who? — the Admiral 16 June 2020
Texas WORLD Disclosure Why Believe Report a UFO About "Huge triangular plane hovering" Over San Antonio - Witness Report 16 June 2020
Is there a Bigfoot family living in the Ozarks? Leavenworth man claims to have proof 16 June 2020
These eerie Google maps reveal UFO and Bigfoot sightings in YOUR area 14 June 2020
Brazil UFO: Investigation into 'alien crash' reveals TRUTH behind viral Mage UFO footage 12 June 2020
Weird 'sky squid' UFO filmed from airliner 12 June 2020
Sheriff’s Office: Woman missing after going camping in Uwharrie National Forest 12 June 2020
Part 2: Alleged Brazilian Army Military Source’s Letter About UFO Crash and Tall Humanoid Entities Retrieved Near Magé, Brazil. 09 June 2020
The Legendary Davy Crockett and the Time He Met a Bigfoot 09 June 2020
Strange, Unexplained White Orb Recorded Hovering Over Top Secret NORAD Base In Colorado 05 June 2020
Part 1: Mage, Brazil Mystery: Eyewitnesses Say Military Helicopters Chased “Red UFO” Early AM of May 12, 2020. 03 June 2020
Man describes 'UFO air battle' encounter 02 June 2020
Sunday, May 24, 2020 Bigfoot: Fear Grips San Luis Potosí's Huasteca Region (Mexico) Over Alleged Sighting in the Tenek Indigenous Lands 28 May 2020
Orb over NORAD military installation Colorado Springs, Colorado 28 May 2020
UFO sighting: 'Alien craft' over California sparks claim of secret army testing at Area 51 27 May 2020
Official UFO Disclosure “May Be Imminent” – A Historical Perspective 21 May 2020
Mystery as night sky turns bright pink over 'one particular area' 21 May 2020
World War II UFOs, Antarctica and Kecksburg Crash | Ep. 9 | The Basement Office | New York Post 21 May 2020
Mysterious footage of moving white light 'shows fast-moving UFO' in UK skies 21 May 2020
'Cloaked' UFO spotted by security camera in California 21 May 2020
‘Nothing Terrestrial': Family Startles Viewers With Flashing ‘UFO’ Video 19 May 2020
Will The New York Times Ever Stop Reporting on UFOs? 18 May 2020
Unknown Military Units Appear After UFOs Reported in Muskegon, Michigan 17 May 2020
UFO sighting: Thousands witness 'UFO crash' in Brazil amid Google Maps 'cover-up' 17 May 2020
Why you should take Navy UFO sighter David Fravor at his word 15 May 2020
Navy Releases New UFO Incident Reports 15 May 2020
VIDEO: US Govt is HIDING Footage from 3rd Fighter Plane that SPOTTED UFO in 2004 15 May 2020
What Beheaded Young Seals in Mid-April 2020 On Beaches in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador? With 11 May 2020
It’s time to take UFOs seriously. Seriously. 09 May 2020
Former Sen. Harry Reid Believes in Aliens, Urges Politicians to Not Be Afraid 09 May 2020
'Shape-Changing UFO' Spotted in Broad Daylight in Colombia 09 May 2020
Oklahoma Bigfoot Encounter Results in Memory Loss / Strange Activity 09 May 2020
Pentagon’s ‘real’ UFO videos exposed in ‘The Basement Office’ docu-series 07 May 2020
A Former Air Force UFO Debunker, Aliens, and Unexplained Crashed UFOs 06 May 2020
A Word about Those UFO Videos 06 May 2020
Japan draws up emergency plans for UFO encounters one week after Pentagon released footage of mystery ‘phenomena’ 06 May 2020
What may cause the mysterious 'Ghost Lights' of Marfa, Texas 06 May 2020
UFO Captured on camera over Houston, Texas 03 May 2020
UFO Over Queens, NY 03 May 2020
CIA bribed UK musician to hide facts about alien autopsy, claims Taiwanese researcher 30 April 2020
Trump calls military UFO footage ‘a hell of a video’ 30 April 2020
Existence of UFOs confirms advanced technology that nobody admits to having 30 April 2020
The Pentagon Released U.F.O. Videos. Don’t Hold Your Breath for a Breakthrough 30 April 2020
Edmonds extraterrestrial enthusiast weighs in on debate after Navy releases UFO videos 30 April 2020
Former Pentagon intelligence officer reacts to UFO video release 30 April 2020
Pentagon officially releases UFO video, former NV senator says video 'only scratches the surface' 28 April 2020
Part 3: Were Grey Aliens in La Luz, New Mexico, Wearing Collared Robes? 26 April 2020
UFOs for real? Shape shifting and colour-changing objects spotted in sky above Derbyshire [WATCH] 24 April 2020
UFO sighting on NASA ISS live stream - alien hunters in shock claim 21 April 2020
Former Pentagon UFO investigator “thankful” he’s been cleared 16 April 2020
Mach 10 UFOs Are Spying On Iranian Nuclear Sites (Maybe?) 16 April 2020
UFO Filmed Moments Before Landing In An Rural Area In Valle del Cauca , Colombia 15 April 2020
Prestigious astrophysicist talks openly about UFOs 14 April 2020
Alien hunters claim to spot UFO outside ISS and 'NASA is trying to cover it up' 14 April 2020
UFO Landing On Yellowstone National Park? 14 April 2020
Hundreds of mystery objects pass ISS in strange video to spark conspiracy frenzy 14 April 2020
Soldier at white board lecturing other trroops about aliens 13 April 2020
UFOs or Lanterns? Flying Objects Seen in the Night Sky Over US Cities - Videos 11 April 2020
UFO sighting: Mysterious 'man-made' crafts in Siberia stun top scientists - watch footage 11 April 2020
New Images of UFO Sighting over Encinitas, California 09 April 2020
Fleet of lights filmed above Detroit in yet another mystery UFO sighting to hit US 09 April 2020
Enormous Miles Long UFOs Over the Moon? 08 April 2020
Latest Strange Sounds from The Sky In March 2020 – And Some Are Really Creepy 05 April 2020
Dave Paulides - Skinwalker Ranch (Bottle Hollow Reservoir) 05 April 2020
Have You Seen a Strange String of UFOs in the Night Sky Recently? You Aren’t Alone 05 April 2020
The Military Spent $22 Million Tracking UFOs: Here's What They Found 04 April 2020
Close encounter of the island kind 04 April 2020
Multiple Bigfoot sightings reported at Turkey Mountain, Oklahoma 02 April 2020
Multiple witnesses see strange row of lights in the sky from California to Mexico 02 April 2020
Video: Footage Captures Additional US Clusters of UFOs in Triangular Formation 02 April 2020
UFO Captured by Live Stream at Skinwalker ranch? 02 April 2020
Meet the Mysterious Owner of Skinwalker Ranch 01 April 2020
New Skinwalker Ranch Team Briefed U.S. Government 31 March 2020
Farmer ‘may be first in world to be killed by UFO’ after ‘being zapped in face by small aliens’, bizarre book claims 30 March 2020
Captain And First Officer Film Pulsating UFO While Flying Over Monterrey, Mexico On March 28 29 March 2020
‘The research is really only just starting,’ UAlbany prof says of UFOs 29 March 2020
One scientist’s alternate theory if the UFOs weren’t created by aliens 28 March 2020
Top Quantum Physicist Believes USS Nimitz UFO Used ‘Metamaterial’ And Time-Traveled To Reach 19,000 MPH 28 March 2020
UFOs and the theoretical spacetime-bending technology behind them 14 March 2020
This Is What The U.S. Military Learned From Watching UFOs 13 March 2020
Half of Brits Believe Earth Will Face Alien Invasion in the Next 50 Years 13 March 2020
Skinwalker Ranch Owner Reveals UFO Hotspot Is Wired With Sensors and Cameras 11 March 2020
Skeleton Key UFO in Plymouth County, MA - 03/08/2020 10 March 2020
MASSIVE BIGFOOT CAUGHT ON VIDEO!! - Frantic Girl Gets Very Close To Film REAL SASQUATCH!! 09 March 2020
This Is The Letter The Navy Sent A Congressman Who Was Demanding Answers About UFOs 07 March 2020
Men In Black: Investigator looks at links between UFOs, MIB 06 March 2020
Mystery ‘alien’ objects emerge at Area 51-affiliated base 04 March 2020
Nimitz UFO ‘could be AI craft with human traits’ that knew location of Navy 29 February 2020
Really Weird Cases of People Who Talked to Aliens 29 February 2020
NASA officials 'baffled' after space cameras catch UFO following ISS for over 20 minutes 25 February 2020
UFOs May Be Hazardous to Your Health: Analyzing AAWSAP’s Medical Report 25 February 2020
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