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Scientific analysis reveals ANOMALIES on terrain where Alien abduction occurred 23 July 2017
Chupacabra sightings in California neighborhood — ‘no coyote,’ they insist 23 July 2017
Grays from the Future 23 July 2017
Triangle Excellent Night Video of Triangular UFO Over Florida 22 July 2017
Is this a UFO flying over Glasgow? Gobsmacked punter captures mysterious footage of shining object hovering over homesTo read more and view the video, click here. 21 July 2017
Is this proof aliens exist? Sightings of suspected UFO spotted all over Cornwall 21 July 2017
MORPHING "Portal UFO" Seen All Over England 7/21/17 21 July 2017
COVERT OPERATION? US military jets 'filmed tailing UFOs' on night vision camera 17 July 2017
‘UFOs hiding the rings of Saturn’ Former Nasa chief blows cover 15 July 2017
Ancient ‘Reptilian Alien’ Bodies Unearthed Near Nazca Lines, UFO Researcher Makes Sensational Claim [Video] 14 July 2017
Alien spaceship? Huge ‘flying saucer’ filmed hovering over town baffles internet 14 July 2017
ALIENS warned about Donald Trump: ET Abductees' told of 'threat to Earth,' claims expert 13 July 2017
Video of tests being carried out on 'suspected ET being' emerge 12 July 2017
Motorist films bizarre green ‘trailing UFO’ soaring into sky 10 July 2017
Alien craft? Motorist films bizarre green ‘trailing UFO’ soaring into sky 10 July 2017
‘Shining’ Flying Saucer UFO Filmed Over Toronto’s Harbourfront: ‘Black Ops’ Helicopter Gives Chase [VIDEO] 09 July 2017
Tripping on Peyote in Navajo Nation 08 July 2017
UFOs caught from plane over Unsure, NM 06 July 2017
U.S. Marines’ Manual on Extrasensory Perception Revealed 05 July 2017
New Tory MEP for the East Midlands is an expert in UFO sightings and poltergeists 05 July 2017
Are they hiding something? The government is using EU laws to block requests to access its files on UFOs spotted in the sky, expert claims 05 July 2017
Donald Trump Re-Forms The National Space Council: Where Does This President Stand On UFOs? 04 July 2017
Crew of US Air Force Cold War spy plane saw 'large UFO with flashing lights' - UK X-Files 04 July 2017
‘Britain’s X-Files’ reveal how a UFO was spotted on RAF radar for HOURS but military were told to do nothing about it 27 June 2017
Our Strange Planet: The San Luis Valley, CO/NM 21 June 2017
Fraud Leak Update: Professional Government Analysts Say Alleged DIA Document “Is Not Real, But Some Content Might Be Factual.” 21 June 2017
Strange Half-Dog Half-Human Creature Caught On Camera 21 June 2017
Brazil’s Night Of UFOs Is The Most Legitimate Incident In Years, But No One Is Talking About It 20 June 2017
Newly discovered ‘Jade tablets’ depict interaction of advanced alien life with ancient Maya 18 June 2017
NAMED: Secret US team of scientists and military who ‘experimented on aliens and UFOs’ 17 June 2017
Military jets chase sphere UFO claims witness 17 June 2017
Worm grows second head after being launched into space -- and then it does it again 14 June 2017
‘Missing 411’: David Paulides, ‘Bigfoot’ Author, Investigates Mysterious Vanishings In Documentary On Demand 14 June 2017
Train passenger says six 'mothership UFOs' were beaming light down to earth 12 June 2017
JFK Visited Area 51, Saw Debris From Crashed Roswell UFO, ‘Unacknowledged’ Documentary Claims 12 June 2017
Gigantic ‘alien mothership’ hovers over city in eerie footage before ‘disappearing’ 11 June 2017
Mysterious creature filmed prowling foothills in California as state wildlife department warns the public to stay away over fears it could be a dangerous escaped ape 09 June 2017
New UFO Sighting Caught On Video In Britain’s ‘UFO Capital’ Of Warminster, Somerset 06 June 2017
UFO CRASH Hidden By MIB In California! 5/18/17 04 June 2017
Could Vladimir Putin reveal aliens exist? Kremlin chief asked to lift 'truth embargo' 01 June 2017
Roswell Deputy Sheriff: 'I saw four dead aliens and 100ft flying saucer at UFO crash site' 01 June 2017
JFK saw evidence of aliens and UFOs while he was president, 'former pilot' claims 31 May 2017
The Professional UFO Skeptic Who Believed in Aliens 31 May 2017
ROSWELL BREAKTHROUGH? New official witness to 'alien UFO crash' comes forward 31 May 2017
Billionaire helping develop NASA spacecraft says aliens are HERE - but it's covered up 31 May 2017
Rendlesham Forest, UFOs, and a Faked Document 29 May 2017
Footage of ‘alien UFO being tested at Area 51 leaked’ 26 May 2017
Experts: Baltic Sea Anomaly ‘UFO’ contains metals nature CANNOT reproduce 26 May 2017
Dossier of alien sightings that will be released after the election could help solve 'Britain's Roswell' UFO mystery 22 May 2017
Secret dossier dubbed ‘Britain’s X-Files’ to be released after election – so what’s supposed to be in them? 22 May 2017
What are they hiding? Brexit blamed for latest delay in release of UK UFO 'X-Files' 21 May 2017
The 'government or aliens' are secretly testing anti-gravity spacecraft over Devon, claim conspiracy theorist 21 May 2017
UK’s Latest Triangle UFO Sighting Caught on Video 21 May 2017
Rumours of alien abduction and a military plane which vanished with 42 passengers on board… these are the spookiest Bermuda Triangle disappearances 19 May 2017
State Trooper Claims Bigfoot is Real: ‘I Speak with Them’ 17 May 2017
The Scientist That Has Proven Alien UFO’s Have Landed On Earth 16 May 2017
Did ALIENS interfere in the Vietnam war? Soldiers give shocking accounts 16 May 2017
A Crystal Clear Video of Multiple UFOs 15 May 2017
Giant Deep Sea Creature Washes Ashore Hulung Village, Maluku (video) 13 May 2017
How to Photograph UFOs According to the US Military 09 May 2017
Google Earth blacked out secret UFO base at mountain peak of the Himalayas? 06 May 2017
Cigar-shaped 'alien spaceship' with flashing lights is seen in Paris after appearing in Australia and China, conspiracy theorists claim 04 May 2017
ASTONISHING CLAIM: Aliens EXIST and give 'first ever interviews about why they abduct us' (uh, sure) 04 May 2017
TRIANGLE UFO SENSATION: Craft built by US government using alien technology says expert 02 May 2017
MOTHMAN PROPHECIES: 'dread' as legendary 'man-sized bird' seen by three separate witnesses 02 May 2017
Sasquatch Chatter - Bigfoot Talking Real Audio 02 May 2017
Listen to this very compelling Bigfoot sighting by a psychologist 02 May 2017
Is This The Oldest Film of a Bigfoot? 02 May 2017
Space expert claims trio of UFOs are hiding secret spacecraft which is invisible to the naked eye 02 May 2017
British witness photographs sphere UFOs following jet 02 May 2017
Part 1: Sasquatch That Can't Be Killed with Bullets and Disappear in A Flash of Light 28 April 2017
Ridley Scott: aliens are out there and one day they'll come for us 28 April 2017
Old Apollo 15 photo clearly shows 'artificial underground passageway' hidden on the moon 28 April 2017
The 6 Most Real UFO Stories in U.S. History 25 April 2017
The True Story of the "Lights" Inspiring 'Phoenix Forgotten' 21 April 2017
SHOCK CLAIM: Three UFOs made circles in field of rapeseed as they ANALYSED CROPS 19 April 2017
A Photographer Claims To Have Recorded A Video Of Multiple UFOs Appearing In Arizona Skies 18 April 2017
TRIANGLE UFO MADNESS: Insane bizarre craft report after encounter on Friday 13TH 11 April 2017
UFO Video From Airplane Window Spain ! Apr 2017 11 April 2017
What is this mysterious black disk hovering silently above Mexico? 11 April 2017
A Man Communicating With An Extraterrestrial From Mars – Taken Seriously By The BBC, Live In 1954 07 April 2017
‘Unacknowledged’: Documentary Claims To Expose Official Conspiracy To Enforce Secrecy About UFO, ET Phenomena 06 April 2017
HOUSTON, WE HAVE AN ADMISSION Meet the Nasa astronauts who believe aliens are visiting Earth and communicating with humanity 06 April 2017
UFO enthusiast mysteriously vanishes leaving behind a den filled with secret codes, 14 encrypted books and a statue of 16th Century philosopher who predicted aliens' existence 05 April 2017
UFOs and Aliens in Declassified U.S. Forest Service Reports 05 April 2017
SpaceX Satellite launch live feed suddenly CUT over ‘mysterious triangle-shaped UFO' 03 April 2017
UFO experts believe live feed from SpaceX Satellite launch mysteriously cut 'due to mystery objects' 03 April 2017
‘I have proved aliens exist,’ claims doc who snapped ‘best UFO picture of the YEAR’ 02 April 2017
In Poland’s Crooked Forest, a Mystery With No Straight Answer 01 April 2017
‘Former NASA engineer’ says he saw NINE-FOOT alien on space shuttle during flight 31 March 2017
Aliens or swamp gas? The mystery of Michigan’s most famous UFO sighting lives on 29 March 2017
Aliens are HERE on Earth and will TAKE OVER, claims scientist 27 March 2017
Triangle UFO sensation deepens: Two MORE bizarre craft caught on camera 22 March 2017
What happened to man 'bundled into van after stealing proof of ALIENS from Area 51?' 20 March 2017
Strong Evidence Shows Extraterrestrials Have Been Shutting Down Nuclear Missiles Worldwide For Decades, But Why? 20 March 2017
Why THOUSANDS of people across the globe are seeing mysterious shape-shifting UFO 19 March 2017
‘There’s no plan’ if aliens visit, says MOD’s former UFO expert 17 March 2017
UFO whistleblower: Ex-US Naval officer 'saw entrance to secret alien base in Antarctica' 17 March 2017
How 1,600 People Went Missing from Our Public Lands Without a Trace 15 March 2017
Are extraordinary images snapped 24 years ago today world's best UFO pictures EVER taken? 12 March 2017