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UFO Sighting 2016: Another UFO Spotted In Texas 06 December 2016
Shocked passenger pictures mysterious POLE floating 5,000 feet high 06 December 2016
Secret USAF Tests Of Alien UFO Spacecraft Technology Ongoing At Nellis AFB, ET Hunters Claim [Video] 05 December 2016
Brandon May Be Becoming Canada’s New UFO Hot Spot 05 December 2016
Camouflaged "Dome UFO" Hiding In UK Village? 12/4/16 04 December 2016
Three UFOs Over Las Vegas Using Night Vision Technology 04 December 2016
Conspiracy Theorists Claim Government UFO Cover-Up As Terrified Witness Films Chase In Canada 04 December 2016
Major New Release of Highly Classified McDonnell Douglas Missiles and Space UFO-ET Related Advanced Propulsion System Documents 02 December 2016
Mysterious video shows 'shapeshifting UFO' hovering in the skies over Texas 02 December 2016
What Was Large “Balloon”-Shaped Aerial Object Witnessed Over Lake Ontario That Forced Pilots to Dive Below It On November 14th? 29 November 2016
Bigfoot Destroys Everything In Its Path 29 November 2016
Mass UFO Sightings Being Reported All Over Turkey 29 November 2016
Sphere UFO lights up California campsite 29 November 2016
UFOs Over Turkey, Or Project Blue Beam Technology? 29 November 2016
Is there an ancient civilisation on Mars? UFO hunters claim to have found 'walled cities' in Nasa images 29 November 2016
Bizarre pictures of flashing lights over Canada and Mexico spark UFO fears 29 November 2016
Strange Pinging Sound on Arctic Seafloor Scaring Off Animals 26 November 2016
UFO Spotted: Life On Mars? Spaceship Seen In Rare NASA Mars Images 26 November 2016
Is that a Yeti on a dashcam video in Russia? 22 November 2016
USAF Veteran Sends UFO Video to NASA For Analysis: Footage Allegedly Shows ‘Mysterious Object’ Flying At About 13,000 mph Over Ayden In North Carolina [Video] 21 November 2016
UFO filmed tailing general's helicopter during Turkish army’s failed takeover bid 21 November 2016
Mystery as ‘balloon-like’ UFOs seen flying in tandem over Liverpool before racing off 20 November 2016
Mystery as UFO hunter posts images of huge spherical object in front of the Sun that was captured by NASA cameras 20 November 2016
Mystery sphere spotted zooming past sun by NASA satellites - sparking conspiracy theories over UFOs 19 November 2016
Tony Grove Bigfoot Sighting by Two Elk Hunters 19 November 2016
SHOCK PHOTOS: Bizarre UFO 'reveals itself before vanishing' 19 November 2016
Did This Astronaut Warn Of Aliens Before Attempting Suicide? (Video) 18 November 2016
UFO Disclosure: ‘Aliens And UFOs Are Real,’ Former Chinese Government Official Confirms [Video] 18 November 2016
Why UFO Sightings Are Frequent in Run Up To Earthquakes? It Is Them Aliens, Say Conspiracy Theorists 16 November 2016
Leaked DOE Emails Discuss Human Testing, Parallel Universes 15 November 2016
What Was Large “Balloon”-Shaped Aerial Object Over Lake Ontario That Forced Pilots to Dive Below It On November 14th? 15 November 2016
UFO captured on video by drone over North Carolina 15 November 2016
Mysterious UFO disappears under layers of clouds in footage 'taken from International Space Station' 15 November 2016
UFO News: ‘Strange Lights’ Spotted In Sky Above Capital City, Sightings In Peru Again 14 November 2016
Amazing Morphing Daylight UFO Over Juneau, Alaska! 14 November 2016
Does UK have its Own ‘Area 51’? 12 November 2016
UK Hiding UFO Files From Public? 09 November 2016
Donald Trump 'tailed by UFO' in chopper during Presidential election campaign 09 November 2016
Pilots were not encouraged to discuss UFOs with media 09 November 2016
Stunning Display Of ‘Pleiadian Alien’ UFO Spacecraft Technology Over Lombardy In Italy Stuns UFOlogists: Sighting Proves Advanced Species Are Visiting Earth, ET Hunters Claim [Video] 06 November 2016
Pentagon Test Of Massive Reverse-Engineered UFO Engine Sparked Panic In Washington State, ET Hunters Claim 06 November 2016
Royal Marine recalls UFO sighting in Cyprus, 1971 03 November 2016
UFO’ spotted over Vienna, frightened onlookers call police (PHOTOS, VIDEO) 31 October 2016
WikiLeaks Documents Reveal United Nations Interest In UFOs 30 October 2016
Bone Chilling Screams Recorded In Alberta! 30 October 2016
Mass UFO Sighting Over Arizona Sparks Phoenix Lights Rumors– Expert Says Mysterious ‘Craft’ May Have Been Of Extraterrestrial Origin [Video] 29 October 2016
UFO spotted over Siberia – but is it a meteor, a Putin missile or aliens? These extraordinary images have got experts baffled 27 October 2016
Hacked Podesta Email Describes UFO “Landing and Takeoff Spot East of Miami” 26 October 2016
Creepy Bigfoot Activity Audio 26 October 2016
Spanish Ministry of Defence Declassifies UFO Files 26 October 2016
Hovering triangle UFO caught on video 26 October 2016
Researchers find secret Nazi base —built to search for ancient artifacts— in the Arctic 24 October 2016
New Mysterious Loud Booms in Idaho and California 24 October 2016
"OPREP-3" - A Classified US Military Reporting Channel For UFO Incidents? Part 6 24 October 2016
Daylight Fleet of flying saucer UFOs snapped over Santiago, Chile 23 October 2016
ALIEN UFOs SWARM Soyuz - NASA Records UFOs HD Then Cuts Feed 10/21/2016 22 October 2016
Did Aliens Visit Earth 25,000 Years Ago? Aluminum Piece In Romania Hailed Part Of Ancient UFO 22 October 2016
'It could be a UFO' Bizarre photo shows car-sized object lit up in the sky 20 October 2016
EXCLUSIVE: New mass sighting of UFO over infamous alien town ROSWELL being probed 19 October 2016
UFO Expert Murdered? Max Spiers’ Fiance Alleges He Was About To Expose Satanist ‘Black Magic Cabal’ 19 October 2016
UFO lights spotted blinking in the night sky could be 'communication attempt' say experts 19 October 2016
A FLEET of UFOs was caught on camera against last night’s freakish Blood Moon 18 October 2016
Mysterious orb-like UFO with multicoloured lights 'breaks woman's video camera' as she tries to record it 18 October 2016
Hundreds Sight Mysterious Flying Saucer As ‘Big As A Plane’ Hovering Over Geneva Stadium 17 October 2016
PROOF OF LIFE? Crab-like creature eats another bug ON MARS in astonishing NASA video 17 October 2016
Mum believes British UFO conspiracy theorist was killed by one of his 'dark and dangerous' enemies 17 October 2016
Earth Is Under Observation, Will Be Swarming With Aliens In 20 Years: Fringe Science Enthusiast 16 October 2016
Uptick In Alien UFO Activity Around Yellowstone Amid Fears Of Apocalyptic Supervolcano Eruption, According To ET Hunters [Video] 15 October 2016
‘Completely crazy’: Freaky UFO lights up Geneva, stuns onlookers (VIDEO) 14 October 2016
WikiLeaks Dumps of John Podesta's UFO-Related Emails 13 October 2016
WIKILEAKS EMAILS: Clinton told of 'Roswell whistleblower' and where 'UFO wreckage stored' 12 October 2016
‘Warp-Speed’ UFO ‘150 Times Faster Than Man-Made Aircraft’ Captured On Flight Tracker — Irrefutable Proof Of ET Visitation, Alien Hunters Claim [Video] 11 October 2016
Wall Street Journal: WikiLeaks Reveals UFO ​Messages in Clinton Campaign Emails 10 October 2016
Wikileaks Leaks Emails About Podesta and Extraterrestrials 10 October 2016
Alien seen walking around in jaw-dropping UFO photos 09 October 2016
Top NASA Official Talks Alien Apocalypse: ‘If You Guys Knew [What] We Do, You Will Never Sleep Again’ 09 October 2016
Glowing UFO hovering over Yorkshire town for more than an HOUR leaves former cop baffled 09 October 2016
Bigfoot Terror On The Navajo Nation 09 October 2016
UFO filmed LANDING in Russia after ball of light seen over Moscow skies 08 October 2016
Man films mysterious ‘glowing red ball’ flying in weird directions in sky above Scotland 07 October 2016
Bizarre footage shows people leaving their cars on the motorway to film UFO swooping over cars 07 October 2016
Bizarre footage captures UFO hovering over block of flats in Russia 07 October 2016
Hunters Harassed by Bigfoot Carson Lake Colorado 07 October 2016
New Billy Meier Interview 07 October 2016
MoD 'covered up UFO files', army chief sensationally claims 06 October 2016
Is ET cleaning up? Creepy UFO zaps plane's chemtrail cloud from the sky in erratic flight manoeuvres 04 October 2016
Researcher captures new photo of Bigfoot 04 October 2016
Leaked NASA Email About Aliens? Strange Lights Over NC & More! 10/1/16 03 October 2016
Mystery aircraft spied above UK town as multiple witnesses report strange activity in sky 03 October 2016
Drivers left stunned as mysterious UFO which resembles comic book hero is spotted in sky 03 October 2016
'SOMETHING BIG COMING': Claim after NASA 'shut down ISS cameras when UFO appeared' 03 October 2016
NASA cuts live feed from ISS after ‘UFO’ spotted (VIDEO) 03 October 2016
Very Creepy Bigfoot Activity 30 September 2016
Mysterious 'fire in the sky' captured on video over Louisiana: Plasma phenomenon? 30 September 2016
Giant 4 Armed UFO Passes Near The Sun Once Again In NASA Photo 29 September 2016
Disc-shaped UFO 'caught on NASA cameras' floating over Earth adding fuel to new alien conspiracy theories 29 September 2016
Police helicopter films UFO on thermal camera 28 September 2016
UFO Sighted in Mars? Does NASA Photo Show 'Alien' Flying Saucer? 27 September 2016
VIDEO - Explain this: UFO invisible to the naked eye recorded on police helicopter 26 September 2016
Colorado witness describes black helicopters chasing UFO 23 September 2016