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Insiders Give Clues About What’s Next 23 February 2019
The scientist who says we CAN see the future in our dreams: Think premonitions are just hokum? A tantalizing book by a top neuroscientist will send shivers down your spine 20 February 2019
Multiple Pilots Report ‘Unidentified Nocturnal Lights’ Over England 18 February 2019
‘We are not alone’: WA Police reveal footage of mystery light in sky 17 February 2019
Sasquatch Sightings in the Hudson Valley 17 February 2019
"Foreign Aerospace Threats", "Emerging and Disruptive Technologies", "Potential Capabilities", "Technological Surprise"..... AAWSAP and AATIP Dwarfed by the Air Force's Massive National Air and Space Intelligence Center 17 February 2019
Pilots baffled as they see UFOs over Gloucestershire with other sightings over the M5 and towards Bristol 17 February 2019
NASA BOMBSHELL: How ISS feed was CUT after 21 anomalies appeared during Discovery mission 15 February 2019
Bizarre Chase Through High Security Nevada Nuclear Test Site Ends In Deadly Shooting 14 February 2019
UFOs: Looking Beyond the Extraterrestrial Theory 14 February 2019
SpaceX alien shock: UFO-hunters spot SPACESHIP during International Space Station link-up 14 February 2019
'We're not alone': Two men spot UFOs in Bend 13 February 2019
Alien UFO or secret military drill? Strange lights over Texas sparks debate 13 February 2019
'Alien INVASION?' Russian satellite spots bright blasts in atmosphere - scientists BAFFLED 12 February 2019
Bigfoot-like 8ft ginger ‘Yowie’ apeman secretly living alongside humans in Australia 11 February 2019
The Pentagon does have ‘mystery metals that came from UFOs’, says former government insider 11 February 2019
Was there a US$5 million AATIP style Department of Defense study group between 1983-1985? 09 February 2019
Attention law enforcement officers and government employees who have had a Sasquatch encounter 08 February 2019
How the US kept tabs on UFO sightings and Yeti hunting in Nepal 08 February 2019
Shocked dad spots 'otherworldly UFO' hovering near his garden 07 February 2019
Experts shocked by these mysterious “baby rat aliens” found crawling in a kitchen - Watch 07 February 2019
Nick Pope – Recently Released Government Documents – February 5, 2019 05 February 2019
Part 3: Terry Lovelace’s Telepathic Exchange with Female Asian-Looking Humanoid 04 February 2019
Alien or hoax? Humanoid UFO spotted in Canada sparks debate 04 February 2019
The Stardrive Report -- Edition 3: An Interview with Dr. Bruce Maccabee 03 February 2019
Part 2: From 1977 Abduction to Strange Metallic Implant On 2013 X-Ray 03 February 2019
Army test, UFO or deadly blizzard? Russia reopens 60yo probe of mysterious Soviet hiker deaths 03 February 2019
Multiple UFOs Sighted Over Okanagan Lake, Canada ( January 11, 2019 ) Video 03 February 2019
Spectacular and Amusing UFO Hoaxes That Fooled Everyone 02 February 2019
UFO spotted from UAV flying over Firth of Forth in Scotland - 30/01/2019 01 February 2019
Former Sen. Reid calls for congressional hearings into UFOs 01 February 2019
UFO over North Carolina January 25th 2019 31 January 2019
Robert Powell, USS Nimitz Tic-Tac UFO Update & More 31 January 2019
Did top secret Pentagon 'stargate' letter convince Senator John McCain alien invasion was imminent? 27 January 2019
Metamaterials Not From Earth? 26 January 2019
Yowie mystery deepens as tradie claims he's found evidence of the mythical beast at a hub for 'sightings' - after truck driver said he was attacked by a hairy animal in the same bushland 26 January 2019
Astronaut Neil Armstrong was ‘fascinated by UFOs, secretly met with expert – and even tried to protect government whistleblowers’ 25 January 2019
Bigfoot SPOTTED? Gigantic creature stuns tourist after appearing on mountain 24 January 2019
How FOIA Exemptions Affect Ufology Research 22 January 2019
Four UFO sightings at Yellowstone supervolcano spark claims of 'alien tourists' 22 January 2019
ISS frenzy as 'multiple UFOs' captured during live spacewalk: 'Got anything to say NASA?' 21 January 2019
Has the invasion begun? Mysterious blips appear over South Florida, US 19 January 2019
On January 31, 2019, inventor and entrepreneur Andrea Rossi will hold an online presentation on the commercial launch of his heating device, the E-Cat 16 January 2019
Whistleblower Says U. S. Space Force Already Secretly Exists With These Rank Insignias? 16 January 2019
‘Project Blue Book’ Is Based on a True U.F.O. Story. Here It Is. 16 January 2019
Plane passenger captured cigar-shaped UFO above Canada 15 January 2019
National UFO Reporting Center recorded 95 sightings in Oregon in 2018 15 January 2019
Kelly Lake UFO Return? 15 January 2019
Mystery light likely atmospheric optical phenomenon, UFO expert says Carol Sanders 15 January 2019
Exposing Harry Reid’s “Black Budget” UFO Program, CIA Disinfo Ops 14 January 2019
Part 3 – U. K. Engineer Describes Some Real NASA Secrets 14 January 2019
Could Einstein use TELEPATHY? Shock claim after experiment with Freud REVEALED 11 January 2019
Former Senator Wants Congress to Listen to UFO Reports 11 January 2019
Mysterious Red Lights Photographed Over Texas - Multiple Witnesses! 09 January 2019
4 Things Most UFO Sightings Have in Common 09 January 2019
Part 2 – Were CIA MK-ULTRA Amnesia “Mind Wipes” Used to Control Secret NASA Programs? 08 January 2019
Elon Musk Tweet Links Apollo 11 Astronaut Neil Armstrong to Alien Presence 06 January 2019
The Fighter Pilot Podcast 035 -- UFO's 04 January 2019
It’s a widespread phenomenon: In parallel to Queens, more mysterious electrical sky events over Dublin, Ireland and amazing explosions in Kenner, Louisiana and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico 03 January 2019
China’s Chang’e-4 moon mission ‘will find ALIEN BASES and craters from secret Nasa bombings’, crackpots claim 02 January 2019
Hacker Group Dark Overlord Claims to Have Proof of 9/11 Conspiracy, UFOs 02 January 2019
Noting past reports of UFOs around the coulee area 02 January 2019
Mystery event that saw mountain crash into river 'may have been UFO attack' 02 January 2019
Scots dad convinced he spotted ‘crystal clear UFO’ hovering above Wick just minutes after bells on New Year’s Day 01 January 2019
Corrie star Betty's UFO sighting revealed after death - but what did she spot? 01 January 2019
Alien life PROOF? ‘Best documented UFO crash in history’ REVEALED 01 January 2019
Woman captures video of ‘UFO’ over Kiawah Island 01 January 2019
Mind control SHOCK: How Soviet Union achieved ‘great success’ with PARANORMAL warfare 31 December 2018
Trying to Separate Facts from Fiction in Strange Jon Lavine Tale 31 December 2018
New footage has emerged showing the UFO that caused the explosions in New York (Video) 31 December 2018
If You’re Not A ‘Believer’ You Will Be After This….An Entire Sasquatch Tribe Filmed For The Fist Time 30 December 2018
Rise in mysterious 'TR-3B UFO sightings' sparks PANIC over 'top-secret US military plans' 30 December 2018
Multiple UFOs Sighted Over Mojave Desert, California ( December 16, 2018 ) 30 December 2018
What is NASA hiding? ISS feed repeatedly cut in 2018 as 'huge objects tower over Earth' 26 December 2018
Is Trump's Space Force strong evidence of UFO visitors? 26 December 2018
More Details on Government UFO Findings Could Be Forthcoming 26 December 2018
Extraordinary new claims made about what really happened in the Berwyn Mountains 'UFO' mystery 26 December 2018
Argentina: A "Triangle" in the Western Corridor 25 December 2018
What Navajo Rangers Saw on Patrol is Way To Strange for Words 25 December 2018
'Undeniable proof of ALIENS’ TWO UFO’s SPOTTED from ISS spark conspiracy FRENZY 25 December 2018
Monstrous creature ‘turned its head and looked straight at our car,’ Kentucky woman says 25 December 2018
Conspiracy theorists see Trump's Space Force as strong evidence of UFO visitors 25 December 2018
FBI raids home of ‘former Area 51 worker’ looking for ‘STOLEN alien technology' 25 December 2018
Strange, unidentified light seen over South Australia 25 December 2018
Huge landslide in Russia was 'caused by meteorite, massive bomb or falling UFO' 25 December 2018
NASA Says Spooky Light Was Meteor, But Not Everyone Agrees.... 23 December 2018
Rare Bigfoot Video Surfaces 23 December 2018
US Delta forces fought with ALIENS in underground battle in New Mexico - witness 23 December 2018
Mysterious Explosions Persist in Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona 19 December 2018
Bigfoot hunters explore forest in dead of night – what their camera captures is chilling 19 December 2018
UFOs Around the World: Russia 17 December 2018
UFOs: Luis Elizondo hints that 2019 might be the year of disclosure 16 December 2018
Bizarre Accounts of Mysterious Living Dinosaurs of Africa 15 December 2018
Linda Moulton Howe Reveals What Extraterrestrials Really Want... it's Not Good! 14 December 2018
Is Elon Musk covering up the existence of aliens? UFO spotted behind SpaceX craft 14 December 2018
A strange radar blip crawled over southern Illinois for 10 hours. What was it? 13 December 2018
Alien sighting: Strange craft seen flying over New York is ‘proof' of UFOs 13 December 2018
Disc-shaped UFO over Ehrenberg, Arizona 9-Dec-2018 11 December 2018